Geofix Engenharia was founded in 1975 and has participated in important engineering projects throughout Brazil and abroad, over the past four decades.

Geofix is a Brazilian company, a pioneer in the execution of Continuous flight auger pile with electronic monitoring. It stands out when executing large diameter Continuous flight auger piles, which produces a diameter that can reach up to 1.5 meters, while its depth can reach 38 meters.

Always seeking continuous evolution, Geofix adopts cutting-edge solutions, resulting in a prominent position in the market. And now brings a new product to the foundations: Hydromill, which allows rock excavation, streamlining the excavation process, ensuring higher quality joints.

In addition to these improvements, another service that Geofix offers is Hydraulic Clamshell excavation, used to make Diaphragm Walls, which enables control and quality through rigid telescopic rods, providing better panel alignment and consequently improved joints.

Always using modern equipment and counting with a specialized technical team, Geofix is highly qualified to perform foundation and geotechnical works, ensuring excellence in customer service, serving its customers quickly, with economy and guaranteed quality.

In 2000, Geofix established BRASFIX, focused on maritime and river foundation works, with state-of-the-art technology and modern equipment, thus complementing its area of operation.


Integrated Quality, Safety and Environment Policy



- Transmit trust and security in the services provided
- Employ technologies to satisfy and meet customer requirements


- Encourage and value human resource development


- Be efficient
- Continuously improve performance levels


- Fulfil legal requirements
- Prevent and minimize liquid effluent generation and gas emissions

Security and Health

- Meet legal requirements
- Prevent occupational health issues, injuries or occupational diseases


Values. Our Fundamentals

- Agility
- Responsibility
- Competence
- Innovation
- Ambition
- Versatility


- Keep existing in the market
- Be profitable
- Diversify business segments
- Continuously seek technological improvements that enable customer satisfaction
- Encourage and value the personal and professional satisfaction of employees


Achieve safe and sustainable performance in the National and International Construction Market. In addition, we seek to introduce, enable and improve foundations and geotechnical solutions, through technical expertise of our employees and using cutting-edge technologies from the most advanced centers.


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